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Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Fri Apr 21 20:55:28 MSD 2006

Op vrijdag 21 april 2006 19:27, schreef Luis_R._Cap=F3:
> Hi:
> 1.  I have been testing eJabberd with the web_admin. It works just fine,
> but
> in the menu I don=C2=B4t see the entries Users, Online Users and Shared R=
> I see the rest of them, but not these.

Go to Virtual hosts, click one of your hosts, and there you will see these=
options. If you don't see the shared roster item, go to Virtual hosts, clic=
one of your hosts, click Nodes, select your node, module administration, an=
add at the bottom "mod_sharedroster" in the first field and "[]" in the=20
second and then click on start.

> 2.  I want to execute "ejabberdctl" (over Windows).  I don=C2=B4t know ho=

I can't answer this due to a lack of Windows knowledge.

> 3. Is it possible for the administrator to suscribe the clients to be
> allowed
>    before they try to suscribe themselves automatically ?

How do you mean?

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