[ejabberd] MySQL - how to setup and use?

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Sat Apr 29 16:54:13 MSD 2006

Op vrijdag 28 april 2006 23:10, schreef Yves Goergen:
> now that ejabberd supports MySQL databases, I got myself a binary copy
> and installed it on my test server. But it seems to be quite complicated
> to get it working with MySQL, if possible at all. First, the docs I
> found [1] say I should copy some additional files into my Erlang
> directory, or besides the other .beam files. Well, I don't have any of
> these. Where should I put those files then?

AFAIK, the binary installers included the needed libraries.

> Next is the configuration file format. I guess it lies in the nature of
> Erlang but I don't understand a word. Isn't there some kind of installer
> or template file for that where I enter my database account data and it
> does the rest?


> I also need to import a 0.7.5 internal database when the server goes
> live. Any chance to do that or do I need to manually re-import my
> rosters? Didn't find anything in the documentation. Maybe there's a tool
> that creates an SQL dump directly from the old database? That'd be cool.

Read the migration notes in all release notes.

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