[ejabberd] Acls for transports

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 12:42:41 MSD 2006

2006/8/1, Jorge Becerra <jorge at hab.desoft.cu>:
> Hi:
>   Something that look good for ejabber is acl. I try to limit the use of
> external transports , but the documentation and examples did not help me so
> much.
> I try using:
> % External transports
> {acl, yahoo, {server, "^yahoo\\."}}.
> % No external transport can be used
> {access, yahoo, [{deny, all}]}.
> But don´t work as expected, is there any hint about?

Your Access denies everything, check my example.

And you need to use that Access somewhere: on ejabberd_service:

Maybe you could start with something easier to test: deny everybody
except the user 'bob':
{acl, yahoo_users, {user, "bob"}}.
{access, yahoo_access, [{allow, yahoo_users}, {deny, all}]}.
{listen, [
  {5235, ejabberd_service, [..., {access, yahoo_access}]},

Then you create the user bob on your Jabber server and verify if only
him is able to use the transport. If it works, then you can elaborate
your ACL more.

Note that I haven't used access on ejabberd_service. I'm just reading
the documentation.


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