[ejabberd] mysql and roster_odbc

slav a hcs at inbox.ru
Tue Aug 8 07:36:00 MSD 2006

Hello everybody,

Great thanks for great product ejabberd.
But i have small problem.
After install and configure ejabberd from svn 593 i get great jabberd 
First, ejabberd works with Mnesia.
{auth_method, internal}.

{mod_roster,     []},
{mod_vcard,      []},
{mod_offline,    []},
{mod_last,       []},

It works great.
But I want change Mnesia to MySql. I export all data by using ejd2odbc.
I used export_roster, export_vcard, export_vcard_search. passwd i move 
further, i used such scenario for prepare system work with mysql :

After i changed ejabberd.cfg

{auth_method, odbc}.
{odbc_server, {mysql, "localhost", "ejabberd", "ejabberd", "password"}}.

{mod_roster_odbc,     []},
{mod_vcard_odbc,      []},
{mod_offline_odbc,    []},
{mod_last_odbc,       []},
And restart I have working server, but roster of my users have lost. I back
{mod_roster,     []},
and after restart Roster back too.
May be some incompotible in ejd2odbc work with mysql or schema of mysql 
tables wrong.
May be all harder using JIT. in base exists much records for icq gateway.

Slav Agafonov

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