[ejabberd] rosters not working anymore

Andreas van Cranenburgh andreas at unstable.nl
Thu Dec 7 02:59:00 MSK 2006

The partition with the ejabberd database was full for about a day, and
now I can't get my roster anymore:

<iq type="get" id="9">
<query xmlns="jabber:iq:roster" />

<iq from='andreas at unstable.nl' to='andreas at unstable.nl/Gajim'
type='error' id='9'>
<query xmlns='jabber:iq:roster'/>
<error code='501' type='cancel'>
<feature-not-implemented xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'/>

I've already tried restoring a backup from a week ago (totally
replacing the whole ejabberd spool directory), but it didn't help.

What struck me is that the roster.DCL file is missing, and after
restoring and restarting ejabberd it just disappears again!
Nothing is mentioned in the logs.

    -- Andreas	[ http://unstable.nl ] ( O3IXI8E0OC )
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