[ejabberd] User-edited information in the client contact list

Kirk Strauser kirk at strauser.com
Sun Dec 10 20:03:04 MSK 2006

My company uses ejabberd 1.1.1 on a FreeBSD 6-STABLE server.  Clients connect 
with Psi (for Windows) or Kopete (for Linux).  The problem I'm being asked to 
solve is that users appear in the contact lists for both clients as their 
JUD, rather than by realname, even after they edit and save their vcard.

We didn't seem to have this problem before we migrated from Jabberd.  Is there 
any easy fix, perhaps a configuration line I forgot to uncomment?  I'm not 
even sure what the correct terminology is for what I'm asking so that I could 
search more effectively, so advice in that direction would be quite welcome.
Kirk Strauser
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