[ejabberd] shared roster, ldap

Tomasz Noiński noix at sphere.pl
Wed Dec 20 12:12:44 MSK 2006


I'm new to ejabberd and I have some (probably simple) questions.

I'm trying to set it up in my company so that:
- it uses ldap for authentication and vcards
- it has shared rosters (everyone has everyone)

I managed to get it to work to some extent, using mod_vcard_ldap and
auth_method "ldap" (it was absurdly easy, I must say)...

But I have some doubts:

1. nicknames in the roster
In my communicator (psi), I see every contact in form "login at domain" and
it would be really nice if it would be, for example, "Name Surname" instead.
Is it currently possible to get these values from vcard "nickname", for
If not, it it possible to change those nicknames manually (or from a
Are there currently any issues with users changing nicknames of a contact
in the shared roster (I've googled a bit and it seems there could be)?
Is to possible to completely disallow users to change their rosters (and
use only the shared one - there is everyone in it anyway)?

2. vcards in ldap + writing
Is it possible to _modify_ vcards stored in ldap?
I would perfectly understand if it was considered too dangerous or simply
not the responsibility of ejabberd, but it would be really convinient for

Thanks in advance,


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