[ejabberd] shared roster, ldap

Tomasz Noiński noix at sphere.pl
Wed Dec 20 18:09:48 MSK 2006

On Wed, 20 Dec 2006, Erick Bullier wrote:

> Le Mercredi 20 Décembre 2006 10:12, Tomasz Noiński a écrit :
> > I managed to get it to work to some extent, using mod_vcard_ldap and
> > auth_method "ldap" (it was absurdly easy, I must say)...
> Not so. I find...
> With my config, all run fine for ldap identification, but impossible to use
> ldap vcards...

I might have been lucky, it seems to run fine here (but read-only).

> I try it with ejabberd 1. Maybe it's the problem...

I use 1.1.2 (the newest stable, I think).

> > 1. nicknames in the roster
> > In my communicator (psi), I see every contact in form "login at domain" and
> > it would be really nice if it would be, for example, "Name Surname"
> > instead.
> Not a server config problem but  a client.

I'm not sure about that...
I don't know jabber internals, but the roster along with jids has (or can
have) "nicknames". If "nickname" is empty, psi displays jid.
What I'm looking for is setting those nicknames automatically.

> > Is it currently possible to get these values from vcard
> > "nickname", for example?
> Yes. Per default, Psi display the pseudo (nickname i believe) in the roster.
> If it don't find pseudo, it display the JID

I think it doesn't, at least not from vcard...
I'm 100% sure my users have pseudo set in vcards, but psi displays only
jid for them.

> > If not, it it possible to change those nicknames manually (or from a
> > script)?
> Yes, but to display the pseudo in place of the JID in the roster, you must to
> delete the contact and to add it back.

I don't add and delete them manually - it's done inside ejabberd, because
it's a shared roster.

> > 2. vcards in ldap + writing
> > Is it possible to _modify_ vcards stored in ldap?
> I think. It depend the parameters given in the rootdn and password module.
> The user must to have good rights...

I believe he has the rights.


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