[ejabberd] Re: SSL/TLS with ICA

Jaco Kroon jaco at kroon.co.za
Wed Dec 20 23:31:20 MSK 2006

> Hello,
> Le 19 déc. 06 à 19:38, Jaco Kroon a écrit :
>> Just applied to tlug.up.ac.za and the patch does indeed function
>> correctly, by simply appending the intermediate certificate to the
>> file
>> the entire chain is properly passed to the client.
> Thank you for the feedback :)
> We will also try it on our own production server, before considering
> it for addition to the code base.

However, it seems that the bug report had it correct.  After a while it
simply stops responding.

tcpdump indicates that it actually does unclean teardowns of the
connection, basically the SYN/ACK handshake happens, psi sends 124 bytes
of data, the server ACKs it, and then immediate RSTs the connection. 
Something dodgy is happening.


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