AW: [ejabberd] Trying to get ejabberd 1.0 + native pgsql

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Mon Feb 6 21:44:04 MSK 2006

Hi PGM, 

If you weren't using plain text passwords, i'd say it can be that you need to use plain text passwords. 


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This definitely helped... I needed to copy src/ejabberd_odbc* to my ebin directory, and my server at least started up :)  Shouldn't make install copy these files over?? Seems like a deficiency in the Makefile.

Now, I'm unable to do in-band registration, or create accounts using the ejabberdctl util. When I do inband reg, I get a CONFLICT error for some reason:

SENT: <iq id="jcl_5" type="set"><query

RECV: <iq from='dustpuppy' id='jcl_5' type='error'><query xmlns='jabber:iq:register'><username>pgmillard</username><password>test</password></query><error
code='409' type='cancel'><conflict

When I try to use the ejabberdctl util, it drops an erl_crash.dump file onto my disk. This file is huge.. I can post relevant bits if you want, just point me to the right place in the dump file.


On 2/6/06, Mickael Remond <mickael.remond at> wrote:
> you probably do not have the ejabberd_odbc_sup.beam. You need to 
> specifically ask for compilation.
> Everything is included in the installer (latest version), but if you 
> are compiling it by yourself, you need to specifically ask for the 
> elements: The ODBC directory contains everything for external database 
> and need to be enabled even to use the native driver:
> ./configure --enable-odbc
> Please, let us know if it helps,
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