AW: [ejabberd] Jab_simul crashing ejabberd service

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at
Tue Feb 7 16:07:02 MSK 2006

Op dinsdag 07 februari 2006 09:00, schreef Staudinger, Ulrich:
> Not really, we thought it's propably something like the message delivery
> stuff... when you pipe in too many messages per second the message queue
> will slowly fill up ... and if you load tool can't handle the amount of
> messages it will get in return, the message queue will fill up, too ....
> just a little bit faster.
> And once it starts to swap the performance will drop almost immediately.

Seems like a production management-like problem (a course I got). :-)

Possible solution:
1) Add an automatic message rate limit system for the input of the queue which 
is influenced by how much messages there are in the queue. Thus, if there go 
less messages out the queue (e.g. 5 messages per second) than in the queue 
(e.g. 10 messages per second), this means that the queue gets bigger and 
bigger. If the queue passes a specific limit, a rate limiter should be 
enabled on the input (e.g. 4 messages per second).
2) Increase the performance of the queue output.

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