[ejabberd] Clustering ejabberd

Bryan Barnes Bryan.Barnes at SEILLC.com
Fri Feb 17 00:35:49 MSK 2006

I have two machines that I would like to cluster together. I have
machine1 and machine2 at my.domain.net. Machine1 is running with a
jabber domain of im.domain.net and started with -sname ejabberd. If I
attempt to start it with any other -sname than ejabberd it fails. If I
start it with -name ejabberd at machine1 it starts, but if I start it with
anything other than ejabberd it fails. The failure message is the same
each time, saying that the machine is configured to use fully qualified
host names. The reason I mention this is it is causing me problems when
attempting to cluster the servers. What exactly do I have to use for
them to both start up correctly and cluster?

I have followed the online instructions for clustering.  I can cluster
Erlang if I don't attempt to run ejabberd.  I can get ejabberd to run
separately on both machines.  But when I attempt to run clustered
ejabberd, the machines will not talk to each other.  I know I got it to
work at one point, as the web console for machine1 shows the node for
machine2 as existing but down.

Bryan Barnes

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