[ejabberd] Correct response to empty vCard request

Matthew Reilly matthew.reilly at sipphone.com
Fri Feb 24 04:15:37 MSK 2006

One of our partners brought this question up about the XMPP response to 
a vCard request for an account that doesn't have a vCard assosiated with 
it. I was not able to find gleem the answer from the JEP.

Suppose that I try to look up my vCard and I have a vCard stored, I get 
a response back from the server like:

<iq from="matt at chat.gizmoproject.com" type="result" id="aab3a" 
to="blortz_europe at chat.gizmoproject.com/Psi" >
    <vCard xmlns="vcard-temp"  >
        <FN>Matthew Reilly</FN> 

But what should be returned from the server if there is no vCard for the 

ejabberd send this response (i.e., no <vCard> entry):

<iq from="matt at chat.gizmoproject.com" type="result" id="aabda" 
to="matt at chat.gizmoproject.com/Psi" />

whereas the jabberd server returns this ( i.e. it has an existing but 
empty <vCard/> entry):

<iq from="sipphonematthew at jabber.org/Psi" type="result" id="aab3a" >
    <vCard xmlns="vcard-temp"/>

In reading JEP-0054, it's not discussed what should happen if a vCard 
doesn't exist for a user.

Does anyone know if there is a definitive answer? (i.e. is the ejabberd 
response the correct one?)

Matt Reilly

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