[ejabberd] MUC / JEP-0045

Le Boulanger Yann asterix at lagaule.org
Wed Jan 4 21:12:30 MSK 2006

Hi all,

when I read JEP-0045, I see that (section 9.1.1, workflow sequence #2):

"If this user is allowed to create a room and the room does not yet 
exist, the service MUST create the room according to some default 
configuration, assign the requesting user as the initial room owner, and 
add the owner to the room but not allow anyone else to enter the room 
(effectively "locking" the room)."

but when I create a room on an ejabberd server, it is never locked, even 
if I don't configure it. So users can join it before I configure it. Is 
it a bug in MUC implementation of ejabberd ? cause it violates the JEP.

I've tested with 0.9.8 release on debian unstable.

Thanks for this nice Jabber server guys !

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