[ejabberd] do i have bad perms somewhere?

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Tue Jan 10 17:47:22 MSK 2006

> Well, it has nothing to do with your SSL account. You need to set up a
> correct jabber account in ejabberd and specify it in the config file for
> admin usage like this:
> % Users that have admin access.  Add line like one of the following after 
> % you will be successfully registered on server to get admin access:
> {acl, admin, {user, "uls@*"}}.
> {acl, uls, {user, "uls", "lycos.eu"}}.
> {acl, uls, {user, "uls", "slycl336.lyceu.net"}}.
> {acl, uls, {user, "uls", "slycl337.lyceu.net"}}.
> And don't forget to restart the server ....

the user is configured

{acl, admin, {user, "randy at jabber.psg.com"}}.
{acl, web_admin, {user, "randy at jabber.psg.com"}}.

and randy at jabber.psg.com can log in to the server
using a jabber client, psi

> with
>      {5280, ejabberd_http,    [ http_poll, web_admin,
>                                 tls, { certfile, "/usr/local/etc/key.pem" }
>                                 ]
>                               }
> i firefox to https://jabber.psg.com:5280/admin/
> i make it through the check of username/password as
> randy at jabber.psg.com with my jabber password.
> but i get  "Not Allowed"
> another clue bat, please


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