[ejabberd] ejabberd advantages over Wildfire

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 02:23:11 MSK 2006

Since it seems an open letter, I'll give my own initial response.

2006/1/12, Herman Webley <herman.webley at blitzllc.com>:
> What are the thoughts of Ejabberd

Note that the hedgehogs that illustrate ejabberd related material are
only artistic pictures. There isn't any animal actually being feed on
the ejabberd headquarters.

> versus the server formerly known as Jive messenger?

Did you already take a look at those pages?

Each project have similarities and diferences, what attracts you more
of each Jabber server, specially ejabberd and Wildfire?

Did you or do you plan to post the same questions on the Wildfire forum?

Finally, if you already use Wildfire, don't forget to fill that survey:

Thanks for your interest,

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