[ejabberd] Which mnesia tables to replicate?

Omar Kilani omar.kilani at gmail.com
Sat Jul 1 13:04:48 MSD 2006

Hi there,

Reading the ejabberd guide, specifically the bit about clustering at:


It says:

"Which tables to replicate is very dependant on your needs, you can
get some hints from the command "mnesia:info().", by looking at the
size of tables and the default storage type for each table on

I'd just like to get an idea about which tables are commonly
replicated in a "standard" clustered setup in which each node is
identical to the other and all can be connected to/used by users in
exactly the same way?

I tried making the 'second' node have the exact same table setup as
the 'first' node, but this resulted in s2s connections only going out
from one of the nodes (and if I took that node down, then all s2s
connections failed) and also stopped me from messaging clients on
'second' from 'first' and vica versa.

I'm using ejabberd 1.1.1 on RHEL4 with OTP R11B.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Omar Kilani

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