[ejabberd] DisableUserTOSetting

Bryan Barnes bryan.barnes at verety.com
Fri Jul 7 16:42:54 MSD 2006

	We are attempting to configure our ejabberd servers so that
there is a priority to the TCP/IP packets that are sent.  We modified
the code and it works under windows, but under Gentoo linux it does not
work properly.
	When it gets to the process that is supposed to open the TCP/IP
socket, the process stops working.  In Windows there is a
DisableUserTOSetting, is there a similar setting in linux?  We tried
sending different command line arguments to the ejabberd server on
startup, and got it to send TCP/IP packets then, but the TOS field had a
zero in it, which is the default, instead of what we put in there.
	I'm sure this isn't enough information to truly fix the problem,
but I'm hoping that you can give me an idea of where to start looking.
Thank you.


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