[ejabberd] Catastrophic Presence Failure

Synx ejabberd at synx.dyndns.org
Mon Jul 10 03:32:00 MSD 2006

On 09 Jul 2006 11:50:00 +0200
"Mickael Remond" <mickael.remond at process-one.net> wrote:

> - your server must be reachable from Internet


> - the port 5269 should be open

Open, forwarded and listening.  I can usually send messages to users on other servers.  It just fails intermittently, receives presence from other servers, but doesn't transmit presence.

> - its public IP must be given be a resolution of your jabber domain from anywhere on the internet.

Its... public...huh?  You mean when someone on another computer requests my computer's domain name, it resolves to my public IP?  That's most certainly true.  Or do you mean my public IP reverse resolves to my declared domain name, which is not true?

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