[ejabberd] web administration and ejabberdctl

गुप्तेश्वर जोशी gupteshwar.joshi at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 17:21:14 MSD 2006

HI All,
I have installed ejabberd1.1.1 on FC4 by yum successfully.
Now the server is running successfully and all the functionalities of
going well too. But the problem that I have  to import all the user profiles
of earlier version
(from jabber1.4.2) into this new system.
   In ejabberd docs it is said that you can use ejabbedctl for importing
older version profiles
into the new version .However , I  couldn't find  ejabberdctl .
Is it that I need to install some more RPM pacakages on my system to get
ejabberdctl ?
 And another problem is  that I am unable to get web administration frontend
working .When I browse to http://my_server_name:5280/admin i get a pop up
asking for user name and password.
Where I give user name and password of a registered jabber user which I have
added in admin group
 in ejabberd.cfg  file  after that I only  get a blank  screen .

Please guide me in the above problem.

Thank you.

---Gupteshwar D Joshi ---
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