[ejabberd] Missing response packet on user removal.

David Kerrawn (ejabberd) ejabberd at kerrawn.co.uk
Sat Jul 15 06:29:39 MSD 2006

I've noticed that when a user requests to be removed from the ejabberd server, they don't get a response packet. This causes PSI to flag up an error and not remove the account from the PSI end. The account is successfully removed from the server though.

Conversation snippet between PSI client and ejabberd-1.1.1 (EJD):

PSI: <?xml version="1.0"?>
PSI: <stream:stream xmlns:stream="http://etherx.jabber.org/streams" xmlns="jabber:client" to="ejabberd.kerrawn.co.uk" >

EJD: <?xml version='1.0'?><stream:stream xmlns='jabber:client' xmlns:stream='http://etherx.jabber.org/streams' id='2265797924' from='ejabberd.kerrawn.co.uk' xml:lang='en'>

PSI: <iq type="get" id="auth_1" to="ejabberd.kerrawn.co.uk" >
PSI: <query xmlns="jabber:iq:auth">
PSI: <username>kerr-test1</username>
PSI: </query>
PSI: </iq>

EJD: <iq type='result' from='ejabberd.kerrawn.co.uk' id='auth_1'><query xmlns='jabber:iq:auth'><username>kerr-test1</username><password/><digest/><resource/></query></iq>

PSI: <iq type="set" id="auth_2" to="ejabberd.kerrawn.co.uk" >
PSI: <query xmlns="jabber:iq:auth">
PSI: <username>kerr-test1</username>
PSI: <digest>1dc749938799bb08c20abea0ee7816e50fda1505</digest>
PSI: <resource>Psi</resource>
PSI: </query>
PSI: </iq>

EJD: <iq type='result' from='ejabberd.kerrawn.co.uk' id='auth_2'/>

PSI: <iq type="set" to="ejabberd.kerrawn.co.uk" id="aab0a" >
PSI: <query xmlns="jabber:iq:register">
PSI: <remove/>
PSI: </query>
PSI: </iq>

At this point I see FIN packet from the ejabberd machine. When I use jabberd1 I get pretty much the same conversation, but I see the following response before the FIN packet.

JD1: <iq type='result' to='kerr-test1 at ejabberd.kerrawn.co.uk/Psi' id='aab0a' from='jabberd.kerrawn.co.uk'/>

I'm running Debian Sarge and got erlang 10.b.10-5 and ejabberd 1.1.1-2.1 from http://sgolovan.nes.ru/debian/. I've also tried the latest ejabberd version from svn and get the same problem.

I've had a hunt on Bugzilla in in the mail-archives and couldn't find a mention of this problem.

Kindest regards


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