[ejabberd] Multiple DNS names

Synx ejabberd at synx.dyndns.org
Wed Jul 26 05:54:55 MSD 2006

Here is the problem as far as I understand it.  I am aware that jabber is heavily DNS dependant, and that every jabber server has to have exactly one, unique hostname, and it will flatly refuse people who call it by another hostname than the one it considers the true one.  For instance I recently became disillusioned with DNS hosting company A, where my host was synx.A, and I decided to try DNS hosting company B, where my host is synx.B. Currently people connect to my jabber server at synx.A, so if I change the internal, unique hostname my jabber server knows into synx.B, all the people connecting via synx.A will suddenly be unconditionally refused, even though I have not discontinued the use of the name synx.A.  The DNS translates properly, but then the jabber server refuses them.

My question is this: how can I tweak ejabberd so that it accepts people who call it synx.A and people who call it synx.B?  Are my initial assumptions wrong, and it doesn't care whether people connect via synx.A or synx.B, or even @ the raw IP address?  If I cannot accept connections both as synx.A and synx.B, do I just have to warn all my users, wait months for all of them (some VERY rare) to connect at least once and receive the broadcast warning, and then switch hoping that they'll manually change their own account information?  The latter doesn't seem like a nice situation, and I'd appreciate knowing how to make the hostname an array instead of a scalar, or something to the like, so that the server doesn't refuse synx.A after switching to synx.B.

I only have one computer, so I can't point synx.A to a "spare" jabber server. It's just my little local server that some of my friends use to communicate.
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