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On Tue, 25 Jul 2006 18:54:55 -0700
Synx <ejabberd at synx.dyndns.org> wrote:

> Are my initial assumptions wrong, and it doesn't care whether people connect via synx.A or synx.B, or even @ the raw IP address?

My initial assumptions aren't wrong, but I did a little digging and here's what I found:
the host verification checker uses list:memberof to verify the hosts, which means that even though you can't connect as anything besides a proper host, you can set multiple 'proper' hosts.  In my case it might look like:

{hosts, ["synx.A","synx.B","localhost"]}.

That would allow my server to act as synx.A, synx.B and localhost.  Unfortunately... I don't know which of these hosts it uses for server to server communication.  I guess it uses whatever host is the same as the user initiating communication that becomes s2s?  Can't tell.

Perhaps more unfortunately, accounts can only have one host.  That is, if I make synx13 at synx.A, and then add 237 of my dearest friends to the roster, then try to switch to synx13 at synx.B, I have to manually, one by one contact each of my friends, and then tell them to use the new account, just as if I switched to someothersynx at synx.A.  I see this as a weakness in the XMPP protocol itself though, having no authorized automatic way to transfer rosters between accounts, and I guess ejabberd can't fix what the jabber developers themselves don't see as a solvable problem.

If I break down and hack together some rotten perl script to force erlang and mnesia to cough up and mangle their internal database, facilitating transfer of rosters, I'll be sure to post it as a follow-up to this message.
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