[ejabberd] RE: mod_muc user count on rooms

Luis Recagno grupos at t-c-p.com.ar
Mon Jul 31 05:52:44 MSD 2006

Hi, I'm having a small problem. I was working on an application in which I
have to know the number of occupants of all the rooms in a server. I was
working locally in my machine with (I think) version 1.0.0
I make a disco#info and the server sends me a response with a <x> node and
the data I need. Now, I start to testing it with the client server and I
discover that their server doesn't sends me the <x> node for the rooms. I
have to make it thru disco#items <iq> which will be a waste of bandwith
(will send all the jid's and names for all the users when I only need the #
of users ). So the question is, are there any way to get the number of users
in a room without logging it and without asking for all the disco#items?
I am dangerously close to the deadline, so any prompt response is



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