[ejabberd] Re: mod_muc user count on rooms

Magnus Henoch mange at freemail.hu
Mon Jul 31 13:50:12 MSD 2006

"Luis Recagno" <grupos at t-c-p.com.ar> writes:

> Hi, I'm having a small problem. I was working on an application in which I
> have to know the number of occupants of all the rooms in a server. I was
> working locally in my machine with (I think) version 1.0.0
> I make a disco#info and the server sends me a response with a <x> node and
> the data I need. Now, I start to testing it with the client server and I
> discover that their server doesn't sends me the <x> node for the rooms. I
> have to make it thru disco#items <iq> which will be a waste of bandwith
> (will send all the jid's and names for all the users when I only need the #
> of users ). So the question is, are there any way to get the number of users
> in a room without logging it and without asking for all the disco#items?
> I am dangerously close to the deadline, so any prompt response is
> appreciated.

That depends on what software they are running on their end.  As you
have noticed, ejabberd supports returning the number of participants
but their MUC doesn't.  You'd have to ask the developers of their
server for that feature, alternatively convince them to change their
server to ejabberd (or another server that supports that feature; I
have no idea about which ones do)

JID: legoscia at jabber.cd.chalmers.se

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