[ejabberd] in-order delivery

Sergei Golovan sgolovan at nm.ru
Tue Mar 7 19:56:18 MSK 2006

On Tue, Mar 07, 2006 at 04:45:35PM +0100, Mickael Remond wrote:
> * Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at jabber.org> [2006-03-06 13:49:52 -0700]:
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> > It seems that ejabberd doesn't deliver stanzas in order. In particular,
> > I've had several people complain that at jabber.org their clients are
> > receiving presence before the roster. It's possible that this needs to
> > be clearer in RFC 3921, but IMHO it is best to deliver presence only
> > after delivering the roster.
> > 
> > Thoughts?
> It is not really in-order delivery (order preservation of message).
> However, I agree with your point. It considerably simplify client
> development to make such hypothesis.

I don't agree. At least in the example of roster and presence IMHO it's very
simple to store all received roster items and presences independently and
update visible roster on both types of events. (BTW, most clients that were
written in jabberd 1.4 times (Tkabber, JAJC, Psi, whatever) work fine with
ejabberd, so it's natural to do so.)

In my experience the only situation when I might need to get answer
in-order was the activating privacy list at startup. But here I have to wait
for answer before sending the next stanza because server could reply error to
me, and I have to react to this error, not just simply continue (which may
impose a security risk).

Sergei 'TeopeTuK' Golovan

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