[ejabberd] Re: howto: mass roster change

Oleg Motienko motienko at gmail.com
Tue Mar 28 23:28:27 MSD 2006


Try to make text dump, replace transport name, and restore dump.
But as I see, proper way is erlang script for changing roster.

P.S. I use pgsql for storing roster, so simple 'update' in sql works for 

Staszek Pitucha wrote:
> Hello
> I've made a big mistake... I installed a transport in ejabberd, but 
> misspelled its hostname, then copy & pasted it into other configs. Now 
> it works well for local users, but not for others. It isn't a big 
> problem now, but I'd rather change it, than wait for when I get any new 
> users.
> All users have this transport installed, as well as some contacts on it. 
> How can I mass change that hostname in all rosters? If I had just 
> changed a letter, I'd try to binary-sed-it (and hope for no checksums), 
> but there is one letter missing. I'm on a mnesia backend (are there any 
> others out yet?).
> I've played with erlang a bit (but not enough, to do it by myself), so 
> erlang + mnesia sniplets are welcome too.


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