[ejabberd] Problems with Shared Roster and Presence

Joel Nimety jnimety at perimeterusa.com
Wed Mar 29 18:55:57 MSD 2006

Renato Botelho wrote:
> Hello,
> I migrated a jabberd-2.x to ejabberd yesterday, and, created a shared roster:
> Name: Galle
> Description: Galle
> Members: @all@
> Displayed Groups: Galle
> So, it seems to work fine, but there is one user that can't see
> correct presence for everybody in this group. He see some people
> online, but some others, that either are online, he see offline.
> This guy is using JAJC, but he tried Pandion this morning and the same occours.
> The only different thing he did, was change the Group name on client,
> but he back it go Galle today and the problem persists.
> Does anybody saw a problem like this?

I'm having a similar issue.  See my post "ejabberd not sending presence
info".  Has anyone looked into this?

> thanks
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> Renato Botelho
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Joel Nimety

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