[ejabberd] x-tension tags in ejabberd-muc <presence/>

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Wed Mar 29 20:32:23 MSD 2006

>I might be wrong but to my understanding, extension should be place
in an x tag (not a c tag).

>I have not yet check ejabberd code to check the behaviour however.

Don't know. I put my extensions into <x/> with namespaces. But they
are also removed. My intention in citing Exodus was to elimitante me
as the error source.

As I understand embedded tags should be preserved whatever tag name.
>From the book (JEP-45): "A MUC service SHOULD allow all other presence
information to pass through, although it MAY choose to block extended
presence information"

It must block roles, affiliations
(xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/muc#user'), but all other tags
should pass through transparently. I wonder if ejabberd interprets
'MAY block' as 'I am allowed to block all other extensions'. Maybe
there is a config switch which activates the 'SHOULD allow all other
presence information' part of the spec.

The reason why I am asking: The LLuna projects wants to use ejabberd.
We are expecting lots of users soon due to cooperations. We would like
to use the ejabberd MUC. But we need additional presence data, like
avatar the position.

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