[ejabberd] x-tension tags in ejabberd-muc <presence/>

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Thu Mar 30 18:13:43 MSD 2006


ok, I am running ejabberd-1.0.0. The bleeding edge is a bit optimistic
for a production system. The code of ejabberd-1.0.0 looks a bit

Currently I am trying to find a guide how to compile the module (or
all of ejabberd, don't know what is necessary). I see that there are
no individual modules. Seems to be all in the beam file. So I guess I
have to compile all. I am tapping a bit in the dark while trying to
change a line and put the complete compiled thing to work.

If I compile then I get many .beam files. The ejabberd-1.0.0 binary
distribution contains only one lareg "beam" file. How does this work
together. Can I use my just compiled "mod_muc_room.beam" with the
binary distibution? Any hints?

Dr. Heiner Wolf
bluehands GmbH & Co.mmunication KG
+49 (0721) 16108 75
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