[ejabberd] ejabberd lost user accounts

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Fri Mar 31 20:56:26 MSD 2006

> > I am testing ejabberd for LLuna. I got a strange behaviour:
> >
> > 6. PANIC. Stop server. Reverse changes in ejabberd.ctl. Start server.
> > None of the accounts work.
> How did you stop the server ?

$ ejabberdctl default at suzele.bluehands.de stop
Successfully stopped ejabberd on node ....

> > Can anyone explain what happened?
> Your behaviour is strange. We have never seen such a behaviour and I
> cannot reproduce it.
> There is no interaction in the code between TLS activation and database,
> so I cannot imagine how this could happen.

I suppose so.

> Can you reproduce the behaviour from your side ?

No and this does not make me happy, either. But it happened and since
computers are (still) deterministic there is away to produce the
behaviour. We can not do more than to keep it in mind.

Is there a command (maybe internal) to flush the DB?

You might assume that I accidently deleted accounts. But I am not
erlang-wizard enough to access the DB. I can not even see them. How
can I check the DB independent of ejabberd?

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