[ejabberd] Summer of Code 2006

Marc van Woerkom marc.vanwoerkom at FernUni-Hagen.de
Tue May 2 18:19:52 MSD 2006

>>> MW> Is there any interest from the developers into developing a 
>>> proposal and
>>> MW> to mentor me during the effort?
>>> Sure, I can be an adviser for those ejabberd-related projects, they 
>>> all are
>>> useful.  What project to choose depends on your expirience in 
>>> Erlang, likely
>>> implementing JEP-0163 or JEP-0065 will be a good start.
>> Magnus Henoch has made a first implementation of PEP support. So there
>> is a basis, but it maybe has thus probably less chance to be accepted.
>> I would suggest to go for a JEP-0065 clustered and scalable proxy. It
>> will be probably easier to make write a very appealing with such
>> approach.
> Magnus Henoch has made an implementation of JEP-0065 too, which we 
> successfully use on our (kind of small) Jabber server.
I am open too any ejabberd project that can be done in the 3 months.
So if JEP-163 and 0065 are done already, what would make sense to do 

My wish is to dive deeper into Jabber and to apply parts of Erlang,
which I have not practiced before.


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