[ejabberd] Summer of Code 2006

Mickael Remond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Tue May 2 21:26:54 MSD 2006

* Marc van Woerkom <marc.vanwoerkom at FernUni-Hagen.de> [2006-05-02 17:13:37 +0200]:

> >What about an Yxa integration module ?
> >Yxa is a SIP server written in Erlang. Developing an integration layer
> >between ejabberd and SIP would allow to share user base and presence
> >information on both platform. 
> Would this allow turning Psi into something similiar like Skype?

Several protocol are available. Psi is already working on the Jingle
signaling integration. SIP is a competing signaling protocol. Its main
advantage is its compliance with hardware voip phone.
(Do not get me wrong, Jingle is nice however as it is much more
Jabberish than SIP, which is very telco oriented).

> Nice topic. I use my head set on a windows box, doing Skype calls
> and my regular analog phone attached to a Fritz! box DSL/Wlan/Phone router,
> which routes calls as either VOIP or ISDN calls.
> Might I use the (Phone+Fritz box) as a SIP client?

I do not know this box and if can act as a SIP client and did not found
many references in English on Internet.

> Definitly something I would like to tackle.

That's nice :-)

Mickaël Rémond

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