[ejabberd] Summer of Code 2006

Marc van Woerkom marc.vanwoerkom at FernUni-Hagen.de
Tue May 2 21:39:18 MSD 2006

>> Nice topic. I use my head set on a windows box, doing Skype calls
>> and my regular analog phone attached to a Fritz! box DSL/Wlan/Phone router,
>> which routes calls as either VOIP or ISDN calls.
>> Might I use the (Phone+Fritz box) as a SIP client?
> I do not know this box and if can act as a SIP client and did not found
> many references in English on Internet.
It does. Obviously I used SIP for my VOIP calls without knowing yet.
Some of the German DSL providers use the FRITZ!Box, mine too.
It is an amazing bit of hardware, for me it plays
1.) WLAN base station
2.) Ethernet Router
3.) TK box (so I can plug a cheap analog phone to an ISDN line)
4.) DSL modem
5.) VOIP box (the box decides to route calls either via VOIP/SIP or POTS)
All into a small case. I was able to retire lots and lots of junk thanks 
to it. :-)



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