AW: [ejabberd] ejabberd vs Jabber XCP

Pieter Rautenbach Pieter.Rautenbach at
Fri May 5 14:48:14 MSD 2006

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>20k is no problem with ejabberd. You can have up to 63k if you have the memory.

>You need to use the epoll patch for erlang ( google is your friend ). 
>And you need to specify the ulimit in linux. 
>20k if i remember correctly require 1GB of Ram (approx. Or was it 2G?)

Not quite... Practice usually differs from theory (ideal conditions). Here are
actual production figures for a Linux setup (including all necessary patches and
configurations), having 14,287 users online:

ejabberd 16   0 5344m 3.2g 1532 D  7.8 83.6  1363:02  beam

Load average at that stage (dual CPU):
Avg1  Avg5  Avg15
1.14, 1.49,  1.44 

Pieter Rautenbach

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BTW, I'm looking at this post of yours:

How do you manage 20k users on a single node? I thought a single process would
have trouble with 20k sockets. Did you configure Erlang to use kqueue/epoll/etc.
on Linux to go that high?

	Thanks, Joel


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