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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri May 5 19:33:46 MSD 2006

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Joel Reymont wrote:
> Folks,
> Here's my brief and informal comparison:
> Jabber XCP costs 2.5k per year per developer and 1k per developer for up
> to 10 more [1]. Jabber XCP 5.0 starts at 35 per user per year [2].
> Assuming 10 pizza boxes in a rack, load balancing according to Zbyszek
> [3] and a target of 500k users, your first year Jabber XCP costs are thus:
> Developer licenses: $12,500
> Hardware: $100,000
> Jabber XCP: $17,500,000

[Full disclosure: Jabber Inc. pays my salary as a "sponsored employee".]

It's not clear to me what you are comparing here, nor what you are
trying to deploy.

AFAIK, the Jabber Inc. Developer Program (JDP) is separate and distinct
from user licenses. If you have 11 developers and you want them all to
participate in the JDP, then you would indeed pay $12,500 a year. But
it's not clear to me whether you want or need to participate in the JDP
(AFAIK you don't have to participate in the JDP in order to deploy the
Jabber XCP software, it's some kind of optional developer support
program which not everyone needs, especially given the plethora of open
source and open standards related to Jabber/XMPP technologies).

It's not clear to me where you get the $100,000 hardware cost. I don't
what the hardware requirements are for running XCP (again, I'm just a
standards guy), so you'd need to contact the Jabber Inc. folks about
that, but based on my limited knowledge of deployment scenarios for XCP
I'd say that you would require fewer than 10 1U servers to run it for
500k users.

BTW, are these registered users or simultaneous users?

Also, I rather expect that if you have a 500k user license for XCP,
you'd get a discount from the $35 per user per year. But there are
people much more qualified to talk about than I am, and you'd need to
talk with them.

If real Jabber Inc. people were on this list (unlike useless standards
people like me), they could set you straight. I'll forward this mail to
folks at the company so they can correct me or contact you.

Naturally, ejabberd is going to be cheaper than XCP for the software,
since ejabberd is free as in speech and beer, whereas XCP is not. It's
like comparing Linux or OpenBSD to Solaris. :-)


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