[ejabberd] Re: Jabberlang, TLS and GoogleTalk

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Fri May 5 21:46:37 MSD 2006

Op vrijdag 5 mei 2006 17:20, schreef Clint Miller:
> Mickael -
> We are also stuggling with jabberlang and would really appreciate some
> forum to discuss and collaborate regarding the development of jabberlang. 
> I'd really like to free jabberlang of ejabberd and flesh out some more
> functionality.  It seems like a "red headed stepchild"... kind of
> neglected.  Is there anything we can do to help in this regard other than
> bug you about it?

* register jabberlang.org (or something else)
* create a nice website
* set up a mailing list
* write docs
* ...

> In my dream world jabberlang and ejabberd would be worked on in tandem so
> that each could serve as a test suite for the other... but that's only my
> fantasy.  I don't know if others using xmpp and erlang share this vision.

I vote for a triumvirate:
1) ejabberd
2) Tsung
3) Jabberlang

But all should work with other software too.


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