[ejabberd] Log format change - proposal.

Zbyszek Żółkiewski zbyszek at toliman.pl
Mon May 8 13:58:29 MSD 2006


Ejabberd have strange way of loging data - that in larger implementation 
it is quite hard to track single user - when he login/logout, 
originating IP address and like that. Beside that ejabber don't join in 
single line IP address and user - that make lot of work for admins to 
track all necessary data.
You can track it by port but still there is no date inline so... my 
proposal is to change log format to more common like:


where [] mean = optional, so it would look like:

2006-05-08 11:50:40 == some at user.com == Accepted connection == 
62,108,xx,xx == Accepted legacy authentication

what You think?

Zbyszek Żółkiewski

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