[ejabberd] auth by external script with mysql storage

Eric Langevin eric at canoe-inc.com
Wed May 10 17:33:30 MSD 2006

hi guys,

I want to auth by external script with mysql storage  for the rest? it 
doesn't seems to work ...

There is what I put in my config file :
/{auth_method, external}.
{extauth_program, "/usr/local/bin/jabberauth.php"}.

% For authentication via ODBC use the following:
%{auth_method, odbc}.
{odbc_server, {mysql, "", "ejabberd", "ejabberd", "mypassword"}}. /

I also set /mod_last_odbc, mod_offline_odbc, mod_roster_odbc , 

If I do all auth by odbc everything work.
If I do external auth only everything work also.
It is when I try to do the mix of the 2 that I got errors.
The authentication seems to work but I seem to have problems with every 

The first error I got is with mod_offline_odbc

ERROR REPORT==== 9-May-2006::16:57:07 ===
E(<0.287.0>:ejabberd_hooks:187): {noproc,
running hook: {resend_offline_messages_hook,["fdfsdf","rick.office.ngt"]}

thanks for your help


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