[ejabberd] Jingle support

Antti Ijäs antti.ijas at movial.fi
Thu May 11 13:16:28 MSD 2006


I'm quite new to the ejabberd server so I hope you forgive me if I ask
stupid questions ;)

My main questions are regarding the Jingle extennsion (JEP-0166) and
it's support. I'll keep it short:

1. When are you planning on implementing the jingle support to your XMPP

2. Would there be some additional resources and pointers in how to write
the extension support myself?

3. I know that the ejabberd is programmed in Erlang, but I also heard
some rumours that one can write c-code and use that. Can you give some
valuable pointers here?

/ Antti
Antti Ijäs, antti.ijas at movial.fi

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