[ejabberd] Jingle support

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Fri May 12 16:45:47 MSD 2006


I can reproduce your problem with ejabberd-MyJingle using TLS.
ejabberd suddenly stops sending XML after switching to TLS. I have no
idea why.

I changed MyJingle so that it does not use TLS (except for Google
which needs TLS) to be able to test jingle signaling with ejabberd.

Jingle signaling works via ejabberd, if I talk to the full JID
including the resource. I could establish a call. If I use the bare
JID then ejabberd returns a feature-not-implemented error (XML below).

A new version which signals via ejabberd is now online.

Please note, that in any case MyJingle-MyJingle works only if clients
can UDP directly. This includes UDP/RTP over DSL router. But if the
scenario needs a relay because of firewalls, then it is more
difficult, because the relay acquisition part is outside of the Jabber
protocol. GTalk proposes relays as part of the signaling. But it
aquires the relay IP/name with a separate mechanism.

For MyJingle to be able to use relays and to propose them in the call
signaling we'd of course need a relay and a way to get the address of
the relay to MyJingle. It could be hardcoded into the software or
aquired by HTTP or via Jabber protocol. But anyway, the relay
infrastructure is proprietary and there is no provision in MyJingle to
acquire relays because that would be proritetary code which would
depend on our specific relay infrastructure, which we are not running

Call to bare JID:

Out XML: <iq to="feurle at suzele.bluehands.de" type="set"
id="5"><session xmlns="http://www.google.com/session" type="initiate"
initiator="wolfspelz at suzele.bluehands.de/16930538971147432774523152"><description
xmlns="http://www.google.com/session/phone" id="110"
xmlns="http://www.google.com/session/phone" id="0"

In XML: <iq from='feurle at suzele.bluehands.de'
to='wolfspelz at suzele.bluehands.de/16930538971147432774523152'
type='error' id='5'><session xmlns='http://www.google.com/session'
type='initiate' id='2080666146'
initiator='wolfspelz at suzele.bluehands.de/16930538971147432774523152'><description
xmlns='http://www.google.com/session/phone' id='110'
xmlns='http://www.google.com/session/phone' id='0'
name='PCMU'/></description></session><error code='501'

On 5/11/06, f.m.gomes at controlrede.com <f.m.gomes at controlrede.com> wrote:
> I made some tests with libjingle and ejabberd some weeks ago. The problem i
> saw was the need for libjingle to have a really signed certificate on the
> server, what didn't happen in my case, it was a test server with temporary
> sercificates, not signed by one authority (I didn't go any further because
> it wasn't a priority for me). This was at least one problem. I talked with
> Wolf Heiner (from bluehands.de, the home of MyJingle, based on libjingle) he
> was also going to test it with ejabberd, don't know if he found any other
> limitation...
> Please let me know if you succedd!
> Best regards and good luck
> Fernando
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