[ejabberd] Re: Validate All Subscription Requests

Bill Brazell bill.brazell at cingular.com
Sat May 13 01:19:21 MSD 2006

Brazell, Bill <bill.brazell <at> cingular.com> writes:

> Is there a way to validate all subscription requests for all users on a
> server?  I've found that a lot of people either don't see the
> subscription request message or dismiss it in some way.  Is there an
> Erlang command I can issue that would flag them all as validate?
> Thanks!
> Bill Brazell
Does anyone have any comments on this?  I'm sure there must be a query that 
can be ran to find and approve all requests.

On another note, is there a way to have the server automatically validate when 
an entry is added to a roster?  That would help too.

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