[ejabberd] new install - installer new to eJabberd HELP!!

Terry Smelser tsmelser at myjabber.net
Sun May 21 22:37:18 MSD 2006

Hello all, 


I’m new to ejabberd and need some help understanding some of the things that
it is doing and telling me


First is trying to use mySQL.


mySQL is setup correctly, the user exists and the instructions  at HYPERLINK
+ejabberd+with+MySQL+native+driver  were followed to the letter.


I know how to set this up, is a simple variation on DB communictsion that I
have used a million times, BUT;



=ERROR REPORT==== 21-May-2006::13:19:40 ===

E(<0.219.0>:ejabberd_odbc:286): MySQL connection failed: login_failed


 My entry looks like this;


{auth_method, odbc}. 

{odbc_server, {mysql, "localhost", "ejabberd", "jabber", "xxxxxxxx"}}.


ANY ideas here??? HELP!!


 Number 2 is adding transports or Gateways, (which ever you prefer to call


I started with the aim trans


I’m using pyaim-t-0.7c this starts and seems to run as it should. 


I configured the ejabberd config per instructions at HYPERLINK


Added the following to ejjabberd.cfg 


  {5347, ejabberd_service, [{host, "aim.localhost", 

                                        [{password, "secret"}]}]},

This is JUST as the instructions say. The config xml file matches as it







=INFO REPORT==== 21-May-2006::13:35:23 ===

    application: ejabberd

    exited: "invalid return value from ejabberd_app:start(normal,[]) ->
{'EXIT',\n                                     [\"134\",\n
58,\n                                      32,\n
[\"syntax error before: \",[\"'{'\"]]]}"

    type: temporary


This is just far to vauge for me, can anyone help out with where messed this


Many Thanks in advance


Terry Smelser


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