[ejabberd] re-sending presence

Wendell Turner wendell at adsi-m4.com
Tue May 23 00:33:34 MSD 2006

I'm running jabberd 1.4, but it doesn't do one thing in
particular that I need, and would like to know if ejabberd will
do it.  Here is my scenario:

  romeo logs in to montague.com (sets status to online)
  juliet logs in to capulet.com (sets status to online)

Both montague.com and capulet.com try to establish tcp
connections to each other, but are unsuccessful (Verona's
network is down).  When Verona's networks come back up, what
mechanism in either server causes presence to 'reconnect'? 

If either romeo or juliet sets their status to offline, then
back to online, that triggers the servers to re-try the
connections, but will the servers do it by themselves? 

Is there an admin command that I could issue to kick the servers
into re-sending the presence (without clients doing anything)?


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