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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue May 23 19:19:40 MSD 2006

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Wendell Turner wrote:
> I'm running jabberd 1.4, but it doesn't do one thing in
> particular that I need, and would like to know if ejabberd will
> do it.  Here is my scenario:
>   romeo logs in to montague.com (sets status to online)
>   juliet logs in to capulet.com (sets status to online)
> Both montague.com and capulet.com try to establish tcp
> connections to each other, but are unsuccessful (Verona's
> network is down).  When Verona's networks come back up, what
> mechanism in either server causes presence to 'reconnect'? 
> If either romeo or juliet sets their status to offline, then
> back to online, that triggers the servers to re-try the
> connections, but will the servers do it by themselves? 

I don't know of any servers that are written to do this. However, it
seems like a nice idea. :-) The specs don't require any special action
on the part of a server when it connects to another domain after the
initial connection failed. If desired I could write up some recommended
best practices for this scenario.

> Is there an admin command that I could issue to kick the servers
> into re-sending the presence (without clients doing anything)?

Not that I know of. But really this should be an implementation issue
and the admin shouldn't have to do anything to make this happen.


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