[ejabberd] Re: Problem with user connections on Ubuntu 6.10, ejabberd 1.1.1

Peter Whysall peter.whysall at ntlworld.com
Fri Nov 3 09:02:20 MSK 2006

On 2 Nov 2006, at 19:47, Mickael Remond wrote:

> Hello,
> the workaround is to use your own erlang and not the package  
> provided by Ubuntu.

I have just tried this with the latest source tarball from the Erlang  
website. I get the same error. I built the software via the usual  
configure/make/sudo make install route. Is there a way of debugging  
erlang's environment or startup configuration?

> Contacting the maintainer of the package is also a good idea.

I will do this.



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