[ejabberd] Abnormal Termination on Windows

Jeremias jeremias.o.fora.da.lei at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 04:23:46 MSK 2006

Hi Mickael,

Thanks for your answer. However I didn't understand why you say that a
process is blocking Erlang. I've performed some additional testings
without having any firewall enabled and guaranteed that no other
application was using the ejabberd port but even so I got no luck
starting ejabberd. Am I missing something? Should I discuss this issue
on the Erlang mailing list instead?


Mickaël Rémond wrote:
> Hello,
> Le 5 nov. 06 à 01:38, Jeremias a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I'm just starting to explore the world of ejabberd. I've installed the
>> Windows version (using the .exe file available at ejabberd's website)
>> but everytime I try to execute it (through the shortcut on my start
>> menu) I get the error bellow. I've searched through the archives of this
>> mailing list but didn't found any suitable answer. Do I have to change
>> anything on the configuration of ejabberd before starting it? Should I
>> compile myself the source code instead of using the .exe installation
>> file?
> This is due to some process in XP that prevent Erlang to work in
> network mode.
> I do not know which one is blocking but it is a general Erlang
> problem. Recompilation will not help.
> You need to find which service is causing the trouble.
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