[ejabberd] chatroom logging notice

Carl Hayter hayter at usc.edu
Tue Nov 21 09:44:44 MSK 2006

I'm just looking for a few pointers before i dive into the code. :)

Some of my users are concerned about the possibility that a muc room
may be logged. (our logs are easily available on a yaws webserver).

I would like to hack the muc code so that when joining a muc room that
has logging enabled, a message would be sent to the user.  maybe something

"Warning:  This chatroom is logged, and the logs are public!  see: *URL*
for more information."


Has anybody done something similar to this?  And (before I dig into code)
can anybody point out the best place to add such functionality?


On a side note... I have been working on modifying the mod_presence code
to work under a Yaws server, with a web page (based on the shopping cart
demo code from the yaws distribution) where users can login and set the
presence preferences via the web in addition to the XForm based Service
Discovery method. (many of my users use JWChat or other clients that do
not yet support the Service method for configuring preferences..)

Is anybody else interested in such a mod_presence_yaws type module?

Carl Hayter
Information Technology Services
University of Southern California
(but working on: http://www.thejapanesepage.com learning site. :)
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