[ejabberd] audio / video conferecning & chat facility

prashant n massoo at 30gigs.com
Tue Nov 21 12:16:04 MSK 2006

I am trying to achieve is to have an Enterprise Single Sign On where we have samba, zimbra (GroupWare), asterisk, Typo3-CMS and ejabberd Server talking to an OpenLDAP server where all the
authorization and authentifications are stored.

Now we have samba and zimbra talking to the samba enabled LDAP directory.

We would like configure ejabberd in such way that it gets the user authetification from the same samba enabled LDAP directory and also to talk to zimbra. This set-up would act as (ejabberd for testing) as our Corporate IM Server and also provide gateway / transports to other IM networks like MSN, yahoo and more importantly skype (we have many users who are using skype for VOIP) so that our staff use spark IM (any other jabber client like Coccinella / tkabber) as their one stop IM client for all the IM networks.

The audio / video chat & conferencing facility built inside the ejabberd Server / Client would be a great feature. My Questions with respect to these / additional functionalities are :

1. What do I have to do with the ejabberd server to have the audio / video chat & conferencing facility?
2. jabber transports for other IM providers / protocols like yahoo, google-talk, msn, and more importantly skype IM.
3. plugin in asterisk (Trixbox) / sipfoundry / freepbx pbx and VOIP servers

Thanks and regards

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