[ejabberd] chatroom logging notice

Carl Hayter hayter at usc.edu
Wed Nov 22 04:32:21 MSK 2006

On Tue, Nov 21, 2006 at 12:08:46PM +0100, Badlop wrote:
> 2006/11/21, Carl Hayter <hayter at usc.edu>:
> >On a side note... I have been working on modifying the mod_presence code
> >to work under a Yaws server, with a web page (based on the shopping cart
> >demo code from the yaws distribution) where users can login and set the
> >presence preferences via the web in addition to the XForm based Service
> >Discovery method. (many of my users use JWChat or other clients that do
> >not yet support the Service method for configuring preferences..)
> >
> >Is anybody else interested in such a mod_presence_yaws type module?
> Yes, me!
> It can be published on
>  http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/mod_presence
> if you allow.

Cool, before that I want to post a URL to the code in the mailing list
so some more Erlang savvy people can maybe correct my extreemly poor
code. :)

I had everything 'working' but went back and thought about it a little
more.  I want to use Yaws rewrite to handle the presence requests with the
hope that will allow Yaws to cache the image files in memory instead of
reading them from disk everytime.

And my initial hack only supported a single server.  I want to figure out
how to easily support multiple-servers on same host like ejabberd does.
So I need to look at some more of the current modules and figure out how
to configure via ejabberd.conf like I should.  At the moment everything
about the server is hard coded in the files. :(  And I may be doing some
things in a really stupid way...

I've also hacked a simple Chatroom/User List web page for my users.

I'll try and get my code a little cleaner and put it up for review, after
that I'm more than happy to let it be posted on the ejabberd site if
it will be useful to somebody.

Carl Hayter
Information Technology Services
University of Southern California
(hacking for www.thejapanesepage.com)

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